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The Cleaner Exterior provide roof cleaning in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire to both residential and commercial customers. If you are looking for one of the best roof cleaners in Newcastle-under-Lyme or Staffordshire, we are the company to call. Get in touch with us today by either giving us a call on 01782 479 389 or 07847 245 371, emailing us directly at or by filling out our online contact form here.

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The climate in the UK is perfect for the growth of moss, algae and lichen. We have hot humid weather and cold and damp weather.

Sometimes this means that your roof will start to look unsightly as moss, algae and lichen start to grow.

The Cleaner Exterior soft wash roof cleaning is one of the safest methods to keep your roof looking cleaner for longer.

Using our soft wash cleaning method inhibits the rapid regrowth or moss, algae and lichen to make your home look its best while adding value to your property.

Having a roof cleaned means that your gutters stay clear of moss allowing rainwater to flow freely and have less chance of getting blocked.

The Cleaner Exterior can offer a complete cleaning package for your home or business covering Staffordshire and Cheshire. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Moss removal

Clearing the roof of moss by hand will leave your roof looking clean straight away. This is carried out using various hand tools from roof access equipment or a scaffold tower. This option generally costs more due to roof access, but has instant results.


Soft washing a roof is the process of applying a chemical solution to the roof tiles that penetrate and kill the spores of the moss, algae and lichen. This process is more cost effective, but does take time for the soft wash solution to have the desired result. Moss will turn white as it dies it then perishes and is washed away.

Nature will take care of any remaining spores over the next few months leaving your roof looking great. This option is not suitable for a very heavy build up of moss. A survey can be carried out with advice given to suit your needs.

roof cleaners

Removing moss by hand and then applying a soft wash solution produces the best results that will leave your roof looking great and keep it looking great for many years.

You can spend time and money making your house a home, but the roof may be letting you down.

Perhaps you constantly find yourself sweeping moss up from your front or back garden or your gutters are often blocked by moss build up.

Often people have used powerful pressure washers to clean their roof only to realise it isn't ideal after tiles become dislodged or leaks occur. Pressure washing a roof can cause damage if operated incorrectly.

The good news is that The Cleaner Exterior can bring your roof back to near its former glory using a low pressure soft wash cleaning method. This technique not only cleans your roof but also kills the spores at the root. With your roof remaining clean for a number of years.

The Cleaner Exterior offer roof cleaning to homes and businesses throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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